Dear students,

This year you are starting your 2-year IB program and there is relevant information you need to know.

The course is composed by three Core Topics:  SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS (Period 3)GLOBAL ISSUES (Period 2) and COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA (Period 1). Studying them is out of questioning as they are compulsory!

The course is also composed by Five Options:Cultural diversity, Customs and traditions, Health, Leisure and Science and Technology. Only two options from this group are compulsory and the one we will cover in period 4 this year is HEALTH (Drug abuse and diet and nutrition). The other one will be studied next year.

In total you will have to study 3 Core Topics + 2 Options = 5 units

Regarding IB assessment, it is divided into INTERNAL and EXTERNAL, but there are in total 5 evaluations that you will need to sit for.

The EXTERNAL ASSESSMENTS are 3: Paper 1 (Text-handling exercises on four written texts, based on the core), Paper 2 (One writing exercises of 250-400 words from a choice of five, based on the options) and the Written Assignment (Inter-textual reading followed by a written task of 300-400 words plus a 150-200 word rational, based on the core). 

The INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS are 2: Individual Oral and Interactive Oral. The Individual Oral is a photograph description based on the Options and will be recorded in November 2015 as your second exam that year. The Interactive Oral is based on the Core Topics: you need to take three of these tests and the best grade out of the three will be sent out to the IBO. We will start with this type of evaluations this year.

Even though you will take most of these exams in years 2015 and 2016 it is vital to start practicing for them NOW!

As you see… there is a lot to do and we have to start working hard to make sure you will all pass this transcendental exam.




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