Advertisement design: “A new cellphone”


  • To express ideas clearly in written communication.
  • To use written expressions in a variety of styles, registers, and situations.
  • To comprehend the use of the language, structure, technique and stylistic conventions


Date of Written paper: March 17.

Date of Ad production: March 17 and 18.

Date of Presentation: March 21


  1. In this assessment you will have to produce a new mobile phone advertisement and then present it to your classmates.
  2. Read the information described in activity 1, page 30 of your Course Companion Book for specific information.
    1. The sources where your ad will be published might be: A newspaper, magazine, direct mail/flyer or the Internet. Choose one.
  3. Decide what your target audience will be.
  4. Decide which stereotype you will choose and be clear about why you chose it.
  5. Decide which rhetoric device you will use: Ethos, Pathos or Logos? You can choose two.
  6. Design your advertisement on MS word including images, text and a slogan that catches the audience attention.
  7. You must be very creative. Keep in mind the ads you have previously seen to have an idea of what is expected from you.
  8. Once finished, convert your ad to a PDF file and upload it on your website together with the preparation handout.
  9. Present it to your classmates.



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