Oral ppppresentaaation????

4M English B Standard Level

How are you going to organize your ad presentation? Don’t forget that more than selling your product, you will SELL AN IDEA to an audience (your classmates).

How can you start your presentation?

First, greet everybody…Good morning, Hello, Hi!, Welcome!

Second, tell them why you are there… I have the product that you need!, This product was made for you!, The biggest market of this product is Europe!

Third, describe the best features of your product and tell the audience why they will need it… This product will change your life, It will make you feel like a new man, Get your copy today, This is a limited offer, You won’t regret it.

Use the following words to describe your product: bargain, discount, guaranteed, proven, quality, revolutionary.

Don’t read the information in your ad…but repeat your slogan at least twice …so people can recall it.

Organize your ideas!

What to do…

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