Identifying Media Bias – BLOG Activity

This week we are focussing our attention on the concept of Media Bias.  You will observe news reports and look for any biases or ¨exaggerated, unrealistic¨ information presented by reporters.

In this specific activity, you will analyze a part of a news item(s) presented by news media giant CNN on the topic of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370.  Then, you will write an online comment to CNN and post it on your blogs reclaiming how and why they made those statements.

***In the following video, carefully listen to all that is said between 1:42 – 3:00.


turn – when the plane changed its direction, and went the other way.

background briefing – presentation or meeting to discuss all the relevant information in an investigation.

on board – on the plane.

rallying – generating a protest or spreading information.

not around – not here.

casting a shadow over – creating a negative image.


***In the following video, carefully listen to all that is said between 0:00 – 0:20.


cockpit – cabin where the pilot and co-pilot control the plane.

government source – information from the government.

off course – not going in the planned direction or way.


Now that you understand the information presented by CNN in their reports, write an online comment of reclamation to CNN asking them questions about the information presented, how it is presented and if you think there are any potential biases or assumptions.



a)  Comment on any biases that may be present such as:  Questionable sources, Cultural stereotypes, False assumptions, etc.

b)  State your opinion and offer your own ideas on the topic.

c)  Demand the kind of news coverage you expect.

d)  Write between 150 – 250 words.

c)  Post your comments on your BLOGs for marks.


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