What is Globalization?




Globalization – LBSL

Before we start our new unit on the IB Core Topic – Global Issues, let´s take some time to ponder about the concept of GLOBALIZATION.

(or ´Globalisation´ if you´re British)…

Business Dictionary´s basic definition of globalization

After reading that definition, what are the implications of globalization?  Can you quickly come up with some possible advantages and disadvantages connected to globalization?

Here is a much more in depth perspective of globalization…   … don´t bother reading it all (UNLESS YOU WANT TO!) just look at the headings and skim for main ideas…   …trust me, many scholars have written very long and complex books about this topic, IT IS NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IN A SIMPLE WAY!!!

So let´s look at some images and try to relate them to this concept of GLOBALIZATION…



Typical ´sweatshop´ manufacturing of athletic shoes in Vietnam.


china trade deficit shipping profits

Ultra full container ship likely heading towards lucrative western markets.


Ask AP

Extracting petroleum bitumen from the tar sands of Fort MacMurray, Northern Alberta, Canada.



Miners working in ´slave like´ conditions search for diamonds in Sierra Leone, Africa.



Starbucks in downtown Shanghai, China.



Traffic jam in Mumbai, India.


Amazon rainforest

Deforestation in the Amazon, Brazil.



Landfill in England.


Blog Task

  • Write a report (150 – 250 words) for a national student magazine focusing on either one of Chile’s main IMPORT products, or one of Chile’s main EXPORT products.
  • You must include:

-product use,

-numbers and figures

-and an overall, general analysis of the advantages AND disadvantages (practical, social, economic, environmental, etc.) of importing or exporting this product.


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