Contents for the Exam (July 3rd)

Units: Communication and Media (Advertising and Bias in Media); Global Issues (globalization and the effects of man on nature).

Skills: Reading comprehension and

Text-type: News report.

Grammar components:

If clauses + comparatives and superlatives.


 VOCABULARY: Inhabit, Harsh, Bumping, Belong, Vast, Environment, Dilemma, Catastrophic.


–       Comparatives and Superlatives, II medio handout, class notes.

–       “If” clauses (First and Second conditional), II medio handouts and Part 4 of Integrated Skills Test June 12th, class notes.

WRITING: Text Type: News Report. Content: Media Bias.

(VOCABULARY: Media Bias, Sweat shop, Sponsor, Comply)

READING: IB Paper 1 type questions: A,B,C or D and Matching.





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