Mr. Carey´s home country of Canada, much like Germany and the United Kingdom, has long been viewed as a country whose political, social and economic policies promote multiculturalism or what has often been referred to as the ¨Cultural Mosiac.¨  But how did it come to be?  What exactly does it mean?  And what is really happening now and what will happen the future?


The concept of a multicultural society became policy in Canada in the 1960´s under Canada´s most famous charismatic Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau.  Note that at the same time, multiculturalism was being pushed in other countries as well.

What was Trudeau´s plan?

How did he effect bilingualism and multiculturalism in Canada?

What role did the ¨Quebec Crisis¨ have in Trudeau´s policies?

Why did he finally opt for multiculturalism instead of biculturalism (3 reasons)?


This short video shows what multiculturalism in Canada means, and some problems that it has.

What are the problems?  How does that effect the people?

How does a strong multicultural society work?

Multiculturalism now and in the future

(0 – 5 mins, 8 mins – 10 mins, 22 mins – 26 mins, 30 mins – end)

(England Prime Minister Cameron´s speech)

(Debate on multiculturalism)

(more debate, warning: some prejudice comments)



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