III medio LBHL Assessment Update – Period 3

August 1st – Personal Response (NOTE: Must be posted on blog, BUT GRADED SEPARATELY!)

August 11th – IB Skills Test

August 25th – IB Paper 1 (Modified)

Sept. 5th – Blog check:  You must have the following tasks uploaded if you want a good grade:

1) Personal Response (150 – 250 words) uploaded.  Page 160 of the Oxford IB English B Course Companion.  Stimulus: It would be typical for a Third Culture Kid to say that he is a citizen of a country, but with nothing beyond his passport to define that identification for him.  Such children usually find it difficult to answer the question, ¨Where are you from?¨ Compared to their peers who have lived their entire lives in a single culture, TCKs have a globalized culture.

2) Diary entry (100 – 200 words): Imaginative piece in which you are Roxy Freeman from the text My Gypsy Childhood (Cambridge English B for the IB Diploma, p. 87) reflecting on your experience going to school for the first time in your life at the age of 22 years.

3) Speakers Corner (1:00 – 3:00 talk): Reflect and speak your opinion freely on the following stimulus question: What is your opinion about the concept of multicultural societies?  Uploaded to edmodo, link on blog.

**BONUS TASK**  4) Debate Speech (150 – 250 words).  Write a debate speech arguing (For or Against) the following motion: This house believes the benefits of being a TCK outweigh the difficulties.  **(BONUS 1.0 AWARDED FOR COMPLETION!)**  Puig and Vasquez!!

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