Blog Checkpoint (Nov. 11th)

By the end of this semester you should have the following posts on your blog:

  1. Correction of the written assignment
  2. Rationale
  3. Link to your “thing link” project.
  4. Activity about Manorexia (p. 44 – act. 2 in English B Course Companion book)
  5. Reflection about “eating disorders” (150-200 words)
  6. Correction of the article about Health issues.
  7. Diary entry: Your opinion about steroid abuse in sports.

Assessment criteria:

GrammarPresent and past tenses are used accurately at all times in affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences. 6 points
Task Completion Student meets all the requirements (three blog entries and length) 6 points (1 pt. ea.)
Use of Technology Student uploads his tasks and includes images in his entries. 6 points
Vocabulary and spellingSpelling is well at all times.Student includes a varied vocabulary that resembles knowledge on the topic. 6 points





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