Discourse markers

Discourse Markers continued…

1)  Complete the following quizzes using the given connecting words and discourse markers.

Discourse MARKERS mini quiz #1

Discourse MARKERS mini quiz #2 (worksheet included)

2)  Complete the dialogue The Customer is Always Right and copy it in your notebooks, then practice saying it in groups.

Discourse MARKERS dialogue

I.- Watch the following video and take note of 10 fillers (discourse markers) you think you can use in a formal conversation. Use your copybooks.

II.- Now, assigned randomly by your teacher, take the following quiz. Don’t forget to write on your copybook all discourse markers that are new for you.


III.- Solve the “discourse markers” activity in the photocopy provided by your teacher

IV.- With a partner, create a 5-exchange dialog in which each one of you will use at least 5 different discourse markers as learnt today.



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