FINAL BLOG TASK: Diary entry – Your opinion about steroid abuse in sports.


Throughout the history of sport – the modern Olympiad, professional sports leagues, cycling and other individual distance sports, bodybuilding, just to name a few – athletes have been looking for ways to improve their performances, to gain an edge over the competition, even if that means taking a banned (and potentially dangerous) substance.

How many times have we been so proud of an athlete for outperforming the rest and displaying a ¨best ever¨ performance, only to be later informed that the athlete had been using performance enhancing substances?  Mark McGwire, Barry Bonds, Ben Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the list goes on and on…

What do you think about this?  Do you agree or disagree with using performance enhancing substances in athletic competition?  If you had the chance to win it all by using a performance enhancing substance, and you would never get caught, would you do it?

Write a reflective piece of writing in the form of a Diary Entry answering these questions and explaining your opinion on performance enhancing substances in sports.  Write in the first person (ex. ¨I think…¨).  You may have a one-sided opinion, either agreeing or disagreeing, or you may be ¨on-the-fence¨ contrasting arguments on both sides of the issue.


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