Racism. Text: “Ignoring the Bananas”, p.176-178

Vocabulary for the text:

Plying their trade: Carrying out

Scampering: Moving quickly

Rampant: Furious

To showcase: To exhibit

Rife: Abundant

Winger: A person who plays in a wing position

Fore: Front

Demeanour: Behavior

Albeit: Although, even if

Taunts: Insults

Vocabulary for exercise 2:

Bigotry: Intolerance

Dished out: Distributed (in some cases in exceded proportions)

Gimmickry: A scheme

Unruly: Ungovernable

Flinch: To shrink; to draw back.

Prevalent: Widespread

Subside: To become quiet

Vented: To be relieved of pressure

Aggravated: Worse or even more serious.

Daniel Alves eats a tossed banana:



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