English exam: Written component

This is part of the written component of the English exam II semester 2014. You will be given one period to write a draft copy of it, starting today. You cannot use dictionaries or your cellphones. This work must be entirely done on your own.

Remember to:

-Use past tenses.

-Use connectors.

-Use paragraphs and appropriate punctuation.

Word count: 250 words.

Write a reflective piece of writing (Text type: Diary Entry) using ONE of the following statement prompts.

  1. I have had such a hard time growing up in a Chinese family in Santiago. My parents don’t speak any Spanish, and I feel like I can’t identify with them or my extended family in China at all anymore. And I certainly don’t identify with the Chilean kids who make fun of my accent or the shape of my eyes at school. I am so tired of being a Third Culture Kid!
  2. I really need to lose some more weight – at least 10 more kilos by the end of this month, or I will never get selected as the next top model. All the other girls look so much slimmer, taller and more beautiful than me. I just wish I could have some pizza or a hamburger, but that kind of food is so full of calories that I’ll have to spend 20 hours in the gym. I am so tired of looking at my fat self in the mirror!



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