“A Hunger Artist”, Thinglink project

Pending Students…

Students have until next week to finish any pending tasks, or if not, they will stay with the ¨1,0¨ which is already on school track…  There are four students have yet to show me their Thinglink assignment.  


Year 11 - Language B Standard Level


  1. Read the story The Hunger Artist, by Franz Kafka and take notes on your copybook of the new words you can find.
  2. Answer the questions as posted on the blog.
  3. Create a session on thinglink.com (or the Ipad application).

Check the following example:


Click here for a short tutorial:

  1. Your project will include the following:
    1. A background that represents the main idea of the story (it can be an image that shows hunger, a cage, a menagerie, etc.)
    2. A tag with 10 new words and their definitions as taken from dictionary.com
    3. A tag with your favorite sentence of the story, explaining why you chose it (40-70 words)
    4. The answer to this question: Why does the man decide to fast? (40-70 words).
    5. Choose one of these themes and explain how it is present or absent in the story: “Ambition”, “Self-esteem”, “Empathy”, “Authoritarism”. (40-70 words)
    6. A 1-minute video of…

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