Explanation on the IB program

Dear students,

As you know last year you started with your two-year course on English B and understanding what comes next is a MUST.


The course is composed by three Core Topics:  SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPSGLOBAL ISSUES and COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA. We started studying these three core topics last year and we must review them this year as well.

The course is also composed by Five Options: Cultural diversity, Customs and traditions, Health, Leisure and Science and Technology. Only two options from this group are compulsory and the ones we have chosen are “Health” (studied in 2014 and reviewed in 2015) and “Cultural diversity”, to be covered in the 2nd period 2015.

In total your IB program will be composed of 3 Core Topics + 2 Options = 5 units


The Assessments of the IB are divided into INTERNAL and EXTERNAL, but there are in total 5 evaluations that you need to sit.

The EXTERNAL ASSESSMENTS are 3: Paper 1, Paper 2 and the Written Assignment.  The WA is a piece of written work based on the Core Topics will be done during this year and it will be the 3rd grade in this period. Paper 1 and 2 will be taken during May 2016.

The INTERNAL ASSESSMENTS are 2: Individual Oral and Interactive Oral. The Individual Oral is a photo description  based on the Options and will be recorded during the 3rd period 2015. The Interactive Oral Activities are based on the Core Topics: you need to take three of these tests and the best grade out of those three will be sent out to the IBO. You already did two (Interactive Oral based on Global issues: “Prezi” and Interactive Oral based on Social Relationships: “Debate”) which means this year, you will do the final one during the 4th period.

In the following image, the percentages of each evaluation are stated. It is important that you understand that you need to do all of them. Otherwise, you will be towards failing your IB and NOBODY wants that! We wish you success in this final stage of your IB preparation.



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