Are mobile phones Africa’s silver bullet?

Dear all, find some related vocabulary that it will be useful for today’s lesson.

Bone-rattling: The car bounced and vibrated, shaking the occupants as though their bones would rattle.

Unaffordable: Too expensive to be afforded by the average person.

Unmet: used for saying that what is needed or wanted has not been done or provided

Entrepreneurship: the process of starting a business or other organization

Landline: a cable that carries telephone signals under or over the ground, used when comparing this to signals sent using a satellite

Soar: to quickly increase to a high level

Fivefold: five times as great or as numerous. (adj.) / By five times; to five times the number or amount. (adv.)

Handset: the part of a telephone that you hold next to your ear

Overcoming: to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem

Illiteracy: the inability to read or write / lack of knowledge in a particular subject; ignorance.

Fishermen: a man who catches fish for fun or as his job

Profit: money that you make by selling something or from your business, especially the money that remains after you have paid all your business costs.

Smallholder: someone who owns a very small farm.

Scope: the things that a particular activity, organization, subject, etc deals with

Cross-border: going across a border between two countries

Flow: the continuous movement of a line of vehicles or people

Levy: to officially request payment of a tax

Watch the video and answer the questions below

1.- __________ For the first interviewee, the mobile phone is not important.

2.- __________ 13 million people have a mobile phone in Kenya.

3.- __________ For people in Africa, food is a priority.

4.- __________ For people, the mobile phone is a productive tool.

5.- __________ The majority of people in Kenya do not have a bank account.

6.- __________ M.Farm is an application used to transfer money.

7.- __________ Traceunite is an application created to help parents find missing children.

8.- __________ Bus passengers pay the fare using a card, but they need to pay the wifi service with money.

9.- __________ Some applications have benefited the health quality of people in Africa.



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