Text Types

1.- Diary entry: In a diary entry you narrate events that already took place. For a diary entry you must write in 1st person (use pronoun “I”) and use past tenses.

diary entry

 2.- Interview: The interview must start with an introduction to the topic discussed. Remember that in an interview there have to be at least two individuals interacting, therefore questions and answers must be perfectly written and they must show a coherent dialog.


 3.- News report: This document is intended to inform a specific audience about a specific event. Titles and subtitles (headlines) are recommended and several paragraphs should be written. As with this text-type requires the use of more complex grammar structures it is only advised for students whose grammar is strong.

news report

4.- Set of instructions, guidelines: In this text-type you need to specify the procedure to carry out a task. You will need to use verbs in imperative as well as modals, such as: Need to, have to, must, should, would, etc.

set of instructions

5.- Written correspondence, “Formal and informal letters”:

Formal letter: The formal letter is usually sent to companies or people who represent them; so, formal language has to be used.  The use of full words is expected like Television instead of TV, or Photograph instead of Photo. Use words like “please”, “I would appreciate if”, “Could you”, instead of direct imperatives.

written correspondence

 Informal letter: The informal letter is usually sent to friends, so you can use informal language and contracted forms like I’ll, I’d. You can use abbreviations and imperatives in the document, which does not mean that it may contain mistakes.


6.- Blog entry: A blog entry is an interactive electronic document in which you develop personal ideas about a specific topic. In this text type, you are expected to write in an amusing and engaging way, so readers feel motivated to read your blogs. In terms of grammar, a complex variety of structures is expected.

 blog entry


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