Cultural Diversity – Singapore

Dear all,

Today we are going to start a new unit, in which you will learn more about different cultures around the world and the impact that this has on the host country.

Let’s  start by identifying the country we will learn about today: Singapore.

In this lesson you are going to listen to different people expressing their opinions about this country. After that you are going to read an article that provides details and figures about the rate of immigration to Singapore.

Before you listen, take a look at the map and answer the following questions

  • Where is Singapore located?
  • According to the images, what other cultures are part of this country?
  • Would you leave Chile to live in another country? Why?
  • What would be the things that you miss the most?



WHILE you listen, complete the following quotes
1. (Ian Fong) “Because as I mentioned, it’s a ________________  ________________”
2. (Brian Gothong Tan) “Singapore has changed a lot, not just ________________ also ________________ because…”
3. (Brian Gothong Tan) “People from ________________ ________________manage to live ________________”
4. (Woman on the street) “It is a very good country, like good ________________ and it provides very good________________”
5. (Nur Dian Rasid) “Singapore has developed so much over the past 25 years at ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________…”
6.  (Nur Dian Rasid) “Another thing that made us ________________ ________________ is the fact that Singapore  ________________ ________________ ________________…”
After listening discuss the questions below:

1. If you had the chance to live in Singapore, why would you select it as your first option?
2. Why is Singapore so advanced in comparison to other Asian countries?
Time to read! Open your book to page 134 and read the article
“Traditional cultures in Singapore”, after reading complete the activities on page 135. 

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