What is Singlish?

Activity 1: Listening. Decide whether the following sentences are TRUE or FALSE. Justify your FALSE statements.

1.- Singlish means Singapore English
2.- Singlish is used in all kinds of situations, formal and informal
3.- Singaporeans feel offended when foreigners try to learn and speak Singlish
4.- Mandarin didn’t influence Singlish
5.- The word “meh” is used in questions asked in Singlish.
6.- Singlish is a rich, vast language.
7.- Singlish may sound like Indian English for some people
8.- The word “leh” refers to a person who acts in a shy way.
9.- Some people really can’t help speaking Singlish
10.- Everybody agrees that educated people speak Singlish


Activity 2: Practicing “Singlish”


From Singlish to English

Exercise 1

  1. Do you really believe him?
  2. Please switch (turn) off the TV.
  3. Would you like to watch a movie tomorrow?
  4. He is definitely not coming tomorrow/I am certain he is not coming tomorrow.
  5. I have not done my homework.
  6. They don’t serve delicious food here/The food here is not good.
  7. Why didn’t you call me yesterday?.

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