A Richer World: Singapore at 50 – From Swamps to Skyscrapers

Listening activity, today we are going to start watching a documentary about Singapore. We will continue watching it every lesson and the last part of it will be part of our assessment, so you better pay attention to it!

Listening Activity – Part IV – Click on the following link to find today’s activity: Listening comp. p IV. From minutes 26:00 – 35:00

Listening Activity – Part III – Click on the following link to find today’s activity: Listening Comprehension – Singapore Part IIIFrom minutes 15:00 – 26:00

Listening Activity – Part II – From minutes 4:00 – 15:00

Only 5 of the following sentences are TRUE. Put the corresponding letter in the boxes provided.

Sentences TRUE Sentences
A My sick grandfather arrived in Singapore from India in the 1930’s
B WW2 broke out in the 1930’s
C In 1942 the Japanese invaded Singapore
D When Singapore was still a developing country, people only used well water.
E Lee Kuan Yew of the people’s action party won a landslide victory in the first fully elected parliament.
F Racial tension played out in the streets between Singaporean, USA and England.
G When Singaporeans stopped singing the song “Malaysia forever”, they knew they would be return to the Federation.
H The reporter’s grandfather died in the late 80’s.
I To raise the standard of living, many Singaporeans sold their property and moved to HDB’s (Housing developing boards)
J The objective of the country is to think as a nation of Malay, Chinese and Singapore people.

Answers: A-C-D-E-I

Listening Comprehension Part I. From minutes 00:01 – 4:02 

Complete the following statements with information from the documentary.

1) Singapore has exploded from 3rd world country into a ___________________ 1st world economy.

2) It has been ranked one of the most ________________________ place to live in the world.

3) We were brave enough and clear minded enough to go against the __________________ ______________________

4) Staggering ________________________ of people living in Singapore were not born here.

5) I’ll going back to my ________________________ and the countries beginnings. Find out what effect the economic ________________________ has had on the millions of millionaires who live here today.

6) It has a diverse population, majority are ________________________, Malay or ________________________ heritage. The rest are non-Singaporean ________________________ residents.

7) The river is key to ________________________ its turbulent past and why it succeeded.

8) Sitting in the middle of the shipping route between ________________________ and ________________________ Singapore was in a prime position to develop into a thriving ________________________ ____________________.

9) British arrived in ________________________.

10) The port was prosperous and with this ________________________ came a huge influx of immigrants from all over ________________________.


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