Cape Town: Gangs, Race and Poverty 20 years after Apartheid

During these two weeks we are going to continue learning about different cultures. To that end, every lesson we will watch part of the documentary below. To check if you have understood the extract, you will have to complete differect tasks:

TASK 2: Watch the documentary from minute 09:00 to minute 18:35. Click on the following link in order to find the handout: Listening Comprehension- Cape Town Gangs, Race and Poverty 20 years after Apartheid

TASK 1: Watch documentary until minute 09:00 and answer the questions provided (enable subtitles).

Activity I: Fill in the gaps with the corresponding words as you hear them

  1. The ________ people were left behind Apartheid.
  1. Cape Town is the second ________ city of SouthAfrica.
  1. Cape Town is still one of the most ________ cities of the world.
  1. ________ in South Africa is between Blacks and Coloureds now.
  1. It was a very close ________ in district 6.
  1. ________ people were forced to move to the Cape Flats by 1982.

Activity II: Picture description (blog task)

Take a look at the following picture and write down a 150-200 word description in your copybook. Once corrected by your teacher, upload it on your blog.

Refer to: 

1.- Location / distribution of information (at the bottom, at the top, in the foreground, in the background, in the center, on the left/right, etc.)/ actions / colors /etc.. What can I see in the picture? Use the map below:

2.- The IB topic option: “Cultural Diversity”. What kind of culture is present in the picture? How do you think that people interact with each other there?

3.- The target language and link it with your own personal experience: What place is it? What is special about that place? Have you been to a place with similar characteristics?

Nowadays coloured people in Cape Flats feel discriminated by Black people. In the past, this situation was a lot different.

Activity 3: Oral activity. Practice answering the following questions with a partner:

  1. Have you ever been to South Africa? What do you know about this country?
  2. Why is it possible to say that South Africa has been an important country for the world history?
  3. What important sociopolitical changes have taken place in South Africa during the last 30 years?
  4. What is your personal opinion about racism? Do you consider yourself a racist person? Why/Why not?
  5. Is Chile a racist country? Why/Why not?



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