British week activities: Sherlock

  • What do you know about Sherlock Holmes?
  • Have you ever watched the series “Sherlock”?
  • How different to Arthur Conan Doyle’s books is the series “Sherlock”?

Activity 1: Today we will watch part of the episode “A study in Pink” from the first season of “Sherlock”. As you watch this episode, answer the following questions on your copybook:

  1. What reasons does the police at the conference give for the death of the young man?
  2. What does the woman in the white overall invite Sherlock to drink ?
  3. What are Holmes and Watson going to share?
  4. What is Holmes address?
  5. What does Holmes answer when he is asked about what he does?

Activity 1 answers:

1.- Suicide by poisoning.
2.- A cup of coffee.
3.- A flat
4.- 221B Baker street
5.- He says he is a consulting detective.

Activity 2: Write captions for the 3 pictures below. Each caption must have…

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