Text-type: News Report

The key elements of a News Report are:


1. Headline: -Catches your attention-Sums up the story

2. Byline: -Writer’s name-Writer’s Specialty, e.g. sports, food, crime, current events

3. Placeline: -Where the story begins

4. Lead: -The important first sentence or paragraph that summarizes the story and answers as many as possible of the 5 W’s (Who? What? Where? When? and Why?) and H (How?).

5. Body: – Supplies detail-Most important details come first-Simple true statements

6. Quotation: What someone actually said-Adds accuracy-Adds “at the scene” feeling.


1.- Read this News Report and identify each of its parts using this template.

2.- Now create your own 250-400 News Report, but before complete a new version of the same template above. For that, choose only one of the following headlines:

  • Leisure: “England can be a dangerous country for irresponsible tourists”.
  • Health: “Alcohol drinking in teenagers is becoming a more and more serious topic in England”.
  • Cultural diversity: “Discrimination in Cape town nowadays is similar to the times of Apartheid” 



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