Europe project





  • to apply the students’ personal experience in the UK in a written/oral task.
  • to show knowledge and comprehension of the cultural diversity in the UK.
  • to show knowledge and comprehension of the modern context of the British society as a consequence of the Great War and the decline of the British Empire.


Instruction: Select one of the tasks described below and make sure you carry it out while in Europe. Prior or posterior work might be needed in some cases. This activity will be assessed as a “Performance Assessment” task once you are back from Europe.


A.- Language B SL/Language B HL


Option 1 (VC):


Explanation: Write between 250 to 400 words from one of the choices below:


1.- How does the concept of beauty vary from place to place? Write a diary entry where you reflect about this topic. Provide information from your trip.


2.- Self-identity is not only expressed through personal ideals but also through clothes, language and beliefs. Write an article for a teenage magazine where you include information from your Europe trip.


3.- Scientific advancement starts at big countries and then moves to others. Write a blog entry about the topic and provide comparisons between a target culture and your own culture.


4.- The best of life relies on our differences: is this what you could observe while in the UK? Write a letter to a friend explaining this situation.


Option 2 (JU): Interview about Immigration


Explanation: While in Europe, you will have to carry out an interview to an English native speaker in which the topic of discussion will be “Immigration”.




1.- Prepare a set of a minimum of 10 questions through which you can know the opinion of a non-immigrant native speaker about this topic. Use this question bank as guidance: (What is your opinion about Immigration?, How have you been affected or benefited by Immigration?, Why do you think that immigrants have opted for this country?, How can immigrants be a contribution to a country?, etc.). Have these questions written on a notebook and carry out an interview to a non-immigrant native speaker as soon as you have the chance. Use any device that records videos.  


2.- Apart from the questions you will ask, the interview will have 2 other parts: 1) Introduce the interviewee (refer to name, age, occupation, nationality, etc.) and what the interview will be about. 2) At the end, conclude the interview saying goodbye to the interviewee and thanking him/her for his time. Apart from that, make a brief conclusion of the most relevant opinions given in the interview.


3.- Finally, edit the video as much as you want and upload it on your blog.


Extension of interview after edition: 3-5 minutes.


Option 3 (VT): Tourist video


You will have to make a short video (2-3 minutes) in which you present your favourite city from the Europe Trip! You will have to include photos (taken by you so you should appear on them as well) and music. You can use iMovie to add effects, if you like. In the presentation, describe at least 3 tourist places in terms of their location, importance in the culture, age, etc. You can also interview people to ask them about their opinions or general knowledge about that specific place! (Ask for permission before recording them).


Option 4 (VIC):  Travel Brochure


You will have to create a Travel Brochure! For that you need to find information, select relevant facts, and create an interesting layout!  


Consider the following questions when designing your brochure

  • Where did you go? (chose one of the cities that you visited)
  • What were your favourite moments in there?
  • What was the best place to eat?
  • The best place to stay?
  • The activity that was the most fun?
  • What kind of language and vocabulary is used?


You can also add photos from your city, maps, and any extra information you come up with!
**Piece of advice: In order to learn about what makes a successful travel brochure; collect travel brochures from travel agents!


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