Discuss about the following statements, do you agree or disagree?

  1. Women and girls are weak, emotional, helpless, are not good at fixing things and tend not to be skilled in math and science.
  2. Women and girls are primarily concerned with relationships and, as they grow up, are more focused on romantic/love relationships and their roles as mothers and caregivers, sometimes at the exclusion of other aspirations.
  3. Women and girls must value their physical and sexual attractiveness first above everything else. They have to look flawless and the standards of beauty for women are very different than those for men (i.e. it is acceptable for men to have physical flaws, show signs of aging, be a normal weight or overweight, etc.)

Watch the following video in which actress Emma Watson addressed a striking speech at the UN in her role as a Women’s Goodwill Ambassador, as part of a campaign known as “He For She”. Then, answer the questions below.

  • What has “feminism” become commonly known as? How come has it been connected connected to “man-hating”?
  • How can men relate to this campaign?
  • What is the impact that this speech is likely to have on different audiences?

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