Individual Oral Preparation

Dear Students,

In today’s lesson you are going to work on a writing activity that will help you to prepare for your Individual Oral  (IO).

Imagine that you are presenting your IO, are you prepare to answer the following questions?

  • What topic would you select?
  • What would you say about it?
  • How would you describe the image?
  • How would you refer to the caption?
  • What would you say about the target culture?
  • How would you link the image, the caption and the target culture?
  • What extra information can you add?
  • What questions do you think your teacher may ask you?

Activity: Look at the images below, select TWO of them and on your blog write a description of each of them by answering the questions above as accurate as possible.

Image 1:

Nothing is going to stop me from achieving my goal!

Image 2:

What are other women really thinking, feeling, experiencing, when they slip away from the gaze and culture of men?

Image 3

I love being here, where everything seems new!
I love being here, where everything seems new!

Image 4

I wish this festival will last forever!



Individual Oral: Details and Tips

Dear students, find attached two documents that will guide you and prepare you for the Individual Oral (IO) examination.

1) Click on the following link to find important details and explanations about IO: Individual Oral

2) On the following you will find some pieces of advice that are going to help you prepare the examination: TIPS IO

Test preparation

Dear students,

Find a reading activity that is going to help you to develop a new strategy for our coming test. In addition, will you find two relative clauses explanatory charts, just in case you still have some question about that content.

Making sense of halves

When asked to match the first part of a sentence with its appropriate ending, do not rely solely on syntactic clues. While grammar and its rules may be helpful, it is your understanding of the text and its context that will allow you to make appropriate matches.

Example:Example 1

Extra practiceClick on the image below to find the reading activity:
Extra Practice


Answer: 1) H  2) F  3) B  4) G

Relative Clauses:

Find two explanatory charts about relative clauses:

relative clauses

relative clauses2










Vocabulary II

Dear all, find a list with words that might help you to understand the text that you will have to read on our next evaluation:

Fairtrade: the principle of charging a price for goods that does not put producers in developing countries (=poorer countries with less industry) at a disadvantage.

Trade: to buy or sell goods or services.

Amankwatia: village in the Central Region of Ghana

Incomes: money that someone gets from working or from investing money

Afford: if you can afford something, you have enough money to be able to pay for it. This word usually follows ‘can’, ‘could’, or ‘be able to’

Profits: money that you make by selling something or from your business, especially the money that remains after you have paid all your business costs. Your total profit before you pay tax is called gross profit, and the amount that remains after you have paid tax on this is called net profit.

Cheate:  to behave dishonestly, or to not obey rules, for example in order to win a game or do well in an examination.

Welfare: financial support given to people in need.

Neglect: to ignore or disregard

Outlook: view or prospect

A Richer World: Singapore at 50 – From Swamps to Skyscrapers

Listening activity, today we are going to start watching a documentary about Singapore. We will continue watching it every lesson and the last part of it will be part of our assessment, so you better pay attention to it!

Listening Activity – Part IV – Click on the following link to find today’s activity: Listening comp. p IV. From minutes 26:00 – 35:00

Listening Activity – Part III – Click on the following link to find today’s activity: Listening Comprehension – Singapore Part IIIFrom minutes 15:00 – 26:00

Listening Activity – Part II – From minutes 4:00 – 15:00

Only 5 of the following sentences are TRUE. Put the corresponding letter in the boxes provided.

Sentences TRUE Sentences
A My sick grandfather arrived in Singapore from India in the 1930’s
B WW2 broke out in the 1930’s
C In 1942 the Japanese invaded Singapore
D When Singapore was still a developing country, people only used well water.
E Lee Kuan Yew of the people’s action party won a landslide victory in the first fully elected parliament.
F Racial tension played out in the streets between Singaporean, USA and England.
G When Singaporeans stopped singing the song “Malaysia forever”, they knew they would be return to the Federation.
H The reporter’s grandfather died in the late 80’s.
I To raise the standard of living, many Singaporeans sold their property and moved to HDB’s (Housing developing boards)
J The objective of the country is to think as a nation of Malay, Chinese and Singapore people.

Answers: A-C-D-E-I

Listening Comprehension Part I. From minutes 00:01 – 4:02 

Complete the following statements with information from the documentary.

1) Singapore has exploded from 3rd world country into a ___________________ 1st world economy.

2) It has been ranked one of the most ________________________ place to live in the world.

3) We were brave enough and clear minded enough to go against the __________________ ______________________

4) Staggering ________________________ of people living in Singapore were not born here.

5) I’ll going back to my ________________________ and the countries beginnings. Find out what effect the economic ________________________ has had on the millions of millionaires who live here today.

6) It has a diverse population, majority are ________________________, Malay or ________________________ heritage. The rest are non-Singaporean ________________________ residents.

7) The river is key to ________________________ its turbulent past and why it succeeded.

8) Sitting in the middle of the shipping route between ________________________ and ________________________ Singapore was in a prime position to develop into a thriving ________________________ ____________________.

9) British arrived in ________________________.

10) The port was prosperous and with this ________________________ came a huge influx of immigrants from all over ________________________.

SINGLISH: Broken English or Badge of Identity? – Vocabulary

Dear all, find a list of words that will help you to understand the reading:

1) badge: a small round object that fastens onto your clothes with a pin and usually has a picture or writing on it.

2) struck: the past tense of strike.

3) quirky: slightly strange

4) instil: to make someone have a particular feeling or belief

5) dynamic: very lively and enthusiastic, with a lot of energy and determination

6) sluggish: not moving as quickly as usual

7) Dixie: the southern states of the US, that fought against the northern states during the American Civil War

8) drawl: a slow way of speaking, with long vowel sounds

9) sprinkle: a small quantity or amount of something

10) Hokkien:  A dialect of southern Min Chinese that is also spoken in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

11) mind-boggling: very large, unusual, or complicated and not easy to imagine

12) admonish: to advise someone to do something

13) hub: the most important place where a particular activity takes place

14) bemoan: to complain or say that you are disappointed about something

SYNONYMS: Find the word in the right-hand column that could meaningfully replace one of the words on the left. Be careful, there are two extra words that you don’t need to use!

a) incessant (line 6)                                        1. communication

b) painstakingly (line 9)                                2. aboriginal

c) verbalisation (line 13)                               3. strong

d) tumultuous (line 18)                                 4. permanent

e) indigenous (line 31)                                  5. concise

f) bemoan (line 82)                                       6. intense

g) laconic (line 87)                                        7. complain

……………………………………………………………8. happily

……………………………………………………………9. hardly

Individual Oral Activity (Presentations of first part) Friday 15th May

These are the photos you will have to analyze. REMEMBER that you will be assigned only one of them.

Click on the following link to find the instructions of this evaluation: IIIM Individual Oral preparation 2015

Photo 1: 

“The Holi Festival of colors in India is a celebration for everybody”


Photo 2:

“I love the progress Singapore has made through the years”.


Photo 3:

“Singapore is a place where traditions and modernity get along”

Cultural Diversity – Singapore

Dear all,

Today we are going to start a new unit, in which you will learn more about different cultures around the world and the impact that this has on the host country.

Let’s  start by identifying the country we will learn about today: Singapore.

In this lesson you are going to listen to different people expressing their opinions about this country. After that you are going to read an article that provides details and figures about the rate of immigration to Singapore.

Before you listen, take a look at the map and answer the following questions

  • Where is Singapore located?
  • According to the images, what other cultures are part of this country?
  • Would you leave Chile to live in another country? Why?
  • What would be the things that you miss the most?



WHILE you listen, complete the following quotes
1. (Ian Fong) “Because as I mentioned, it’s a ________________  ________________”
2. (Brian Gothong Tan) “Singapore has changed a lot, not just ________________ also ________________ because…”
3. (Brian Gothong Tan) “People from ________________ ________________manage to live ________________”
4. (Woman on the street) “It is a very good country, like good ________________ and it provides very good________________”
5. (Nur Dian Rasid) “Singapore has developed so much over the past 25 years at ________________ ________________ ________________ ________________…”
6.  (Nur Dian Rasid) “Another thing that made us ________________ ________________ is the fact that Singapore  ________________ ________________ ________________…”
After listening discuss the questions below:

1. If you had the chance to live in Singapore, why would you select it as your first option?
2. Why is Singapore so advanced in comparison to other Asian countries?
Time to read! Open your book to page 134 and read the article
“Traditional cultures in Singapore”, after reading complete the activities on page 135.