Homeschooling Myths

Dear all, today we will work on both a listening and a reading comprehension about Homeschooling.

Before to start, discuss with your classmates what you think about the following questions:

  • What is Homeschooling?
  • Do you think is a good/bad method?
  • What are its advanteges and disadvantages?
  • Would you like to be homeschooler?

Pay attention to the following interview and answer the questions:

Click on the link below in order to find today’s handout!


Obesity in America

Activity 1: Choose one of the testimonies in the links below (click on one only). Read the testimony and take notes of the following information:

  • The diagnosed sickness
  • Reasons why the person got sick
  • Treatment
  • Final results

Testimony 1:
Testimony 2:
Testimony 3:

Activity 2: Write a 150-200 word reflection (blog entry) about the topic “eating disorders”. You may refer to:

  • Anorexia, bulimia or “manorexia”.
  • Obesity.
  • Body dysmorphic disorder.
  • Muscle dysmorphia or “bigorexia”.