Paper 1 Practice

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Zambian Artist…

A Fair Deal in Ghana

Environmental Awareness

Is Global Warming Real?


III medio LBHL Assessment Update – Period 3

August 1st – Personal Response (NOTE: Must be posted on blog, BUT GRADED SEPARATELY!)

August 11th – IB Skills Test

August 25th – IB Paper 1 (Modified)

Sept. 5th – Blog check:  You must have the following tasks uploaded if you want a good grade:

1) Personal Response (150 – 250 words) uploaded.  Page 160 of the Oxford IB English B Course Companion.  Stimulus: It would be typical for a Third Culture Kid to say that he is a citizen of a country, but with nothing beyond his passport to define that identification for him.  Such children usually find it difficult to answer the question, ¨Where are you from?¨ Compared to their peers who have lived their entire lives in a single culture, TCKs have a globalized culture.

2) Diary entry (100 – 200 words): Imaginative piece in which you are Roxy Freeman from the text My Gypsy Childhood (Cambridge English B for the IB Diploma, p. 87) reflecting on your experience going to school for the first time in your life at the age of 22 years.

3) Speakers Corner (1:00 – 3:00 talk): Reflect and speak your opinion freely on the following stimulus question: What is your opinion about the concept of multicultural societies?  Uploaded to edmodo, link on blog.

**BONUS TASK**  4) Debate Speech (150 – 250 words).  Write a debate speech arguing (For or Against) the following motion: This house believes the benefits of being a TCK outweigh the difficulties.  **(BONUS 1.0 AWARDED FOR COMPLETION!)**  Puig and Vasquez!!

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Gypsy Culture in the UK

1. Why is there so much prejudice directed towards gypsies?
2. Why don’t people like them?
3. Gypsies choose to be nomads. In your opinion, what is the concept of home these people have? Is it the place, belongings or people which are the most important?
4. Gypsies consider themselves a group that doesn’t fit in society. What are the advantages/disadvantages of being part of an isolated group?